Aerial Park: ‘Think Ewok village, but better’


At Mica Moon Zip Tours & Aerial Park

What is it?
Think Ewok village, but better. This aerial trekking park launched in 2018 upgraded what was already a super-successful zipline business. The aerial park is a high ropes course in alpine trees featuring several stations participants move among at their own pace and choosing. As such, the park is as challenging (or not) as the participant chooses, adding a greater degree of Ninja Warrior-style difficulty as you climb higher into the trees. Regardless of the obstacle, participants remain securely strapped into the cable system as they move across rickety bridges, up rope ladders or swing like Tarzan through the trees.

Why is it popular?
There is a reason Mica Moon is the top-ranked outdoor activity in the area on Trip Advisor. In fact, with over 700 reviews, only 12 are not five-star (and none of those are below 3). While the zip lines (such as the 50+ mph “Big Mama”) still attract most of the attention, the aerial park is showing up in reviews with comments like “amazing,” “very well designed,” “super safe” and “a blast.” Diane wrote, “Can’t believe I did it! I’m usually afraid of heights, but the aerial park was a blast and a confidence builder. Thanks to our guide for all his help and encouragement.”

One side benefit that shows up in a lot of reviews: It’s great exercise that “I didn’t know I was getting.” Proven fact: That is the best kind of exercise.

Owner Rik Stewart added that the Aerial Park is also receiving rave reviews from groups.

“It makes the most awesome birthday party or team day out/bonding event ever,” he said.

Wow factor
With the spectacular views and the amazing obstacles, this answer may come as a surprise, but the “wow factor” has to be the guides. The people who run the park, from owners Rik and Heidi Stewart all the way through the whole team, absolutely make the experience. Whether it’s fun trivia, a timely joke, the sense of safety or just that perfect dose of motivation and encouragement, Mica Moon wouldn’t be the experience it is without the people.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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