CBD products provide organic relief for pets


What is it?
CBD products from Pet Releaf provide organic treatments for pets suffering from a variety of symptoms, including arthritis, pain, cancer symptoms, anxiety, inflammation, GI tract issues, epilepsy and skin issues. The products come in many varieties, depending on the size of the animal and the symptoms, from treat-size bites and capsules to topical creams and oils. CBD is often referred to as the clear-headed, functional strain of hemp, and is distinct from the THC strain, which is the intoxicant and can have harsh side effects.

Why is it popular?
Pawpular Companions Owner Mara Crowell said the CBD products fit in well with her shop’s main focus on nutrition and pet health. As an alternative and natural treatment, she said many customers have reported favorable results. Like most good products, word of mouth has become its best marketing tool.

Mara shared the story of a Yorkshire Terrier that suffered from seizures, whose owner uses the oil when a seizure comes on. She said the results are fast acting and symptoms are greatly lessened.

The owner of a larger breed dog that suffers from arthritis and related hip and joint pain reported noticeable relief with no side effects, while another customer said the treatment calms aggression in her pet.

Wow factor
Mara and Carl Crowell are the familiar faces behind Pawpular Companions, but almost as familiar is their dog, Canvas. Mara said Canvas suffers from anxiety, which often shows itself when separated from the family or traveling by car. When necessary, the Crowells have introduced CBD products with Canvas, who now sits in a car seat relaxed instead of pacing around the vehicle in alarm.

And it’s not just Canvas. Mara said customers have talked about the benefits of CBD during situations that make dogs anxious, whether that’s when a crowd is over for a Super Bowl party or when the fireworks keep going late into the night on the Fourth of July.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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