The story of Liberty Lake and Greenstone


By Jim Frank
Founder, Greenstone Homes

What was it about Liberty Lake that made it ideal soil for the vision of Greenstone, and how do you view Liberty Lake as a continued part of the Greenstone identity?

When we started Greenstone as a company, some 30 years ago, the vision for the Meadowwood planned community was already in place. The real vision for the community came from Bill Main, and he is the one that attracted Hewlett Packard and provided the private funding for the initial Liberty Lake sewage treatment plant. When we started working in Liberty Lake in the early 1990s, we shared with Bill Main the vision for a mixed-use walkable community. That vision was also shared by the Schneidmiller family, which farmed and owned the land.

The circumstances that enabled the growth of Meadowwood into the Liberty Lake community were unique. A vision for the community was in place, the LLSWD had the sewer and water capacity to support growth, and, most importantly, the Schneidmiller family had the patience to see the vision though.

The early years of developing in Liberty Lake were a learning experience. A strong sense of community existed in Liberty Lake when we started development, and we saw firsthand the benefit and power of people working together to create a better community. Those early experiences helped us form an understanding of how you create lasting value in a community, and that has carried over in our work across Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Our focus in Liberty Lake is now in the River District, where we are working hard to build on the value we see in strong communities.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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