LL woman is senior transition champion


For much of the last decade, Liberty Lake resident Kristi Stalder had two separate passions: her work as a senior advocate in the assisted living industry, and her increased investment in her love of writing. Earlier this year, those two passions intersected with the release of “Navigating Assisted Living,” a book covering all aspects of transitioning seniors into a senior living environment.

Stalder said the book is an attempt to facilitate intentional communication during an emotionally overwhelming time for seniors and their families.

“My book offers support and guidance to help families collaborate, leverage one another’s strengths and work toward this higher goal of making sure that their loved ones thrive,” Stalder said.

It’s easy to use the internet and search for answers, but many of the resources available online are from senior living companies, competing with each other and marketing their products and services in-between the lines. Stalder simplifies the process and adds the facts necessary to prepare families for a smooth transition.

Stalder also dives head-on into the financial maze of senior living, including explanations of Medicare and Medicaid. Readers learn the questions most critical to ask during a facility tour and gain a greater understanding of basic standards and operations of senior living facilities.

“Everyone’s situation is different, and variables such as family dynamics, finances, and health issues can impact the course of action,” Stalder said. “My book suggests strategies to navigate these difficult conversations, understand motives and empower your loved one to choose a senior living community.”

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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