Top of the Menu: New York Peppercorn Steak


New York Peppercorn Steak
MAX at Mirabeau
1100 N. Sullivan Road

A 12-ounce USDA Prime Peppercorn Steak with a four-pepper crust and brandy demi-glace, served with herb roasted potato and vegetables.

Why you’ll love it

This steak is one of the original items from the first MAX menu for a reason. One of the most popular dishes at the award-winning restaurant, it has stood the test of time.
The chefs use a blend of four peppercorns and spice, then caramelizes and sears this USDA Prime grade steak to the guest’s specifications. The finish is a French cream demi-glace reduction.

The whole nature of the dish is created by a three-day simmering process of roasting veal bones in-house to create an intense, flavorful stock, which gives the base for the finalization of the sauce and the tantalizing overall flavor. And as a bonus, the dish is gluten free! Paired with a MAX house wine and complimented with a full menu of appetizers, entrees and desserts at one of the region’s premier dining establishments, this dish is a can’t-miss culinary experience.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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