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Spokane Transit (STA) is Liberty Lake’s full-service mobility provider, with an array of convenient options that may have you saying, “My other car’s an STA bus.”

“You don’t have to marry us, just date us,” said E. Susan Meyer, STA’s Chief Executive Officer and fellow Liberty Lake resident. “Using public transit doesn’t mean you never drive, but it can mean you only need to own one car.”

So which mobility services are right for you?

Fixed Route Bus
Spokane Transit operates 147 buses on 40 different routes, covering 248 square miles within Spokane County. Three of these routes serve the Liberty Lake Park & Ride:
Route 74: Direct access to East Indiana services and Spokane Valley Mall, this route serves the Mirabeau Park & Ride then continues downtown via I-90.
Route 172: Travels from Liberty Lake Park & Ride to downtown Spokane via I-90. Ideally suited for commuters and students as, during peak commute hours, buses leave for downtown every 15 minutes.
Route 98: Gets you to great shopping, restaurants and services along East Sprague and connects with the Valley’s transportation hub, the Valley Transit Center.

Vanpool is like carpooling, but with groups of people who live and work in approximately the same areas that can share the commute to work in a van provided by Spokane Transit. Vanpools cater to long distance commutes anywhere within eastern Washington and north Idaho, as long as the van starts or ends within STA’s boundaries.

If you can take the bus most of the way to work, but need a ride from home to a transit stop, or from a park & ride to your workplace, Vanshare can bridge the gap.

Spokane Transit takes pride in offering the best possible van transportation to customers eligible for paratransit service under the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Paratransit provides service to over 8,000 ADA-eligible customers, their guests and their personal care attendants.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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