Fire safety for growing Liberty Lake


By Chief Bryan Collins
Spokane Valley Fire Department

The Spokane Valley Fire Department proudly serves and protects the people who live, work and play in Liberty Lake. In 2019, the SVFD responded to approximately 900 incidents within the Liberty Lake area: 82% medical, 14% fire-related and 4% other emergencies, including vehicle accidents.

When an emergency happens, Liberty Lake residents are likely to receive a response from SVFD Fire Station 3, which provides 24/7 protection. Your firefighters and firefighter/paramedics are trained and equipped to handle nearly any emergency they might encounter. As you know, the city is rapidly growing, and the SVFD follows and tracks its responses closely to keep up with that growth and maintain our excellent response times.

One way we do this is by having multiple resources respond from different locations based on who will arrive fastest. For example, with a residential structure fire, a Liberty Lake resident would likely get resources from Station 3 in Liberty Lake, Station 4 in Otis Orchards, Station 10 in Greenacres, Station 5 near the Spokane Industrial Park, and Station 8 from Spokane Valley. In addition, a chief officer and a safety officer from the eastern side of our district would respond.

This multiple-unit response assures that you receive help quickly and provides the manpower to safely suppress a fire in a residential structure. Across the district in 2019, this weighted, rapid response to fire incidents allowed the SVFD to save approximately 90 percent of the value of buildings and their contents.

The SVFD is proud to partner with the City of Liberty Lake and Central Valley School District. This partnership will work to improve traffic circulation within our growing city. In the coming years, road infrastructure improvements along the I-90 corridor will keep traffic moving, which helps your fire and police departments arrive when you need us.

With increased residential and commercial development, the SVFD’s staff provides plan review — focusing on fire and life safety — for all new development projects. Our staff’s excellent relationship with planners and building officials within Liberty Lake assures that new development is safe, fire-resistant and efficient for our community.

I wish you all a safe year ahead. It truly is my privilege and an honor to be able to serve as fire chief of this wonderful community!

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2020 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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