Why hardwood flooring is ‘king’


Walter O. Nevin Sr.’s official title is president of Quality Hardwood Floors of Spokane. He’s better known and recognized as “The King of Hardwood,” a title earned from the 65 years his family business has installed and refinished hardwood floors throughout the Inland Northwest and beyond.

The secret to success? It’s connected both to the quality of the product and the quality of the craftsmen.

Hardwood is truly unique flooring. It exhibits a rich, natural strength and beauty that is long lasting. It puts on display natural colors, beautiful grain — and no two boards are the same. This provides a beautiful design base for any room, giving it a nostalgia and character you just can’t get from “cookie-cutter” flooring options.

A job worth doing is worth doing well.

Motto, Quality Hardwood Floors

A product this valuable should have craftsmen to match. Or, as Quality Hardwood Floors’ motto puts it: “A job worth doing is worth doing well.” Four generations of the Nevin family have earned repeat customers and referrals by focusing on expertise, customer service and “Old World Craftmanship.” The community has taken notice: Quality Hardwood Floors received 2018 Spokane Business Hall of Fame distinction following six consecutive years earning the “Best of Spokane” award.

From installing and maintaining gymnasium floors throughout the state, to restoring a century-old floor to its former glory, to new installations with fancy inlaid borders — Quality Hardwood Floors does it all.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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