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When it comes to your money, it’s not just about transactions — it’s about teamwork and your unique path toward your goals. But how do you find a team that backs you up on your financial journey?

Get Good Guides

Money is part of everyday life, and the way you use it now can have an influence on your future. It’s important to find a financial team that brings valuable experience and knowledge to the table to support you wherever you’re headed.

If you’re embarking on a path you’ve never travelled, a good team can help you achieve dreams like getting a loan for your first home, venturing into the realm of retirement planning, paying down debt and more.

Your team at Horizon Credit Union:

• Experienced Home Loan Advisors

• Qualified Retirement & Investment Advisors

• Friendly Member Service Representatives

Find your guides at hzcu.org.

Gather Your Resources

A reliable map and the right tools can help you arrive where you set out to go. Being prepared makes it easier to overcome obstacles along the way.

With our online Financial Training Ground resource center, we’ve packaged up need-to-know tips, tricks, tools and information to help you navigate toward your goals. The best part is, anyone can access these resources for free!

Your Financial Training Ground:

Free calculators: debt payoff, retirement lifestyle, investment envisioning and budget planning

Free courses: first time home owner tips, home loan refinancing, getting started with investing, identity protection and many more

Visit hzcu.org/trainingground to learn for free — even if you’re not a member yet!

Grow Toward Your Goals

When it comes down to it, money is about your vision and achieving your dreams.

At Horizon, we’ll use our resources to help you improve your financial journey and enhance your path in life — whatever that means to you.

Your goals achieved:

Visit hzcu.org to explore the Horizon Credit Union experience rooted in good old-fashioned service and top of the line technology — all designed to help you achieve more with your money.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2020 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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