Treatment helps man avoid surgery


Mike suffered from knee pain off and on for several years, a condition that slowly worsened over time. He liked to remain active, but with every step he felt pain, which limited his activity. Slowly, the weight started coming on, which only compounded the pain.

Seeking help from his orthopedic doctor, Mike was told he would need a knee replacement, one of the hardest and most painful surgeries to recover from. He could not afford six weeks off work to recover, and he knew too many friends who did not find relief from this surgery.

Instead, Mike decided to try something new, a stem cell injection in the knee. At Healthy Living Liberty Lake, umbilical cord stem cells were injected in the knee, a 15-minute procedure. After just one month, he noticed an improvement in pain, and at three months he was walking 3 miles a day and able to play tennis. The knee continued to improve over the next year, and he is now completely pain free with cartilage restored in the joint.

Dr. Susan Ashley of Healthy Living Liberty Lake said patients like Mike are seen every day at the clinic, and their lives are restored through the use of stem cells.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2020 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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