Education that prioritizes academic rigor, character


What makes The Oaks a unique option on the education landscape? Oaks graduates have the tools to glorify Christ, shape culture and shine the light of God’s truth on all of life’s endeavors. They have the eyes to see what God sees, love what God loves and prioritize what God prioritizes. The Bible is the foundation of who we are, what we do and why we do the things we do.

The Oaks has a reputation for strenuous academics, and that’s a good thing. When students graduate, they can be confident that their teachers have given them the tools to be effective life-long learners and cultural shapers. We believe that education is character formation.

As Kelly Andresick, a resident of Liberty Lake, recently wrote, “When we decided to enroll our three kids at The Oaks, we weren’t prepared for the benefits! Our kids are loved individually and taught academics in an environment that is culturally rich. They are daily encouraged in all facets of work and relationships through the eyes of a biblical worldview. When our oldest was having a difficult time his first year, the teachers and classmates never gave up on him. He blossomed over the next couple years into an incredible young man who is confident to face life’s challenges. We are truly grateful to the community at The Oaks. It remains the best decision we ever made for our family.”

Balin and Judy Strickler said, “Initially, we were concerned about the rumored rigor of the curriculum and about the integration of our kids into a small classical Christian school. Through the support of the teachers in a few after-school sessions, our kids were able to merge into the curriculum without much difficulty (or tears). This education does an excellent job of preparing students to gather, process, and interpret information and then present it clearly. As an employer of hundreds over the last decade, I know that critical thinking and communication skills will be welcome in a world where those skills have been under developed. We have also experienced cultural unity in the midst of broken people. The Oaks, from headmaster to classroom aid, is committed to reconciliation. We are a stronger family because of it.”

When you walk our hallways and sit in our classrooms, you will see teachers and students striving — however imperfectly — to practice the character traits of a healthy family. The preparation for tomorrow’s cultural impact begins in the hallways and classrooms. It continues on the stage and on the sports fields. Would you like that vision for your family? We welcome you to come visit and see if The Oaks is somewhere you could call home.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2020 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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