Does your beautician specialize in specialty cuts for curls?


Specialty cuts at Plush Hair & Curl Clinic

What is it?
When you own a salon and spa with three locations, as Brittney Edwards and her husband James do, you definitely get to know what customers are looking for, whether that’s the latest in tanning, lashes, skin treatments or any number of other things. One of the most important is hair. In particular, Brittney Edwards realized there was a shortage of great stylists for people with curly hair, so she opened a Hair & Curl Clinic in Plush’s new location downtown.

Why is it popular?
It seems obvious enough: Curly hair is not straight hair. Yet so many women with curls go to a stylist who spends the vast majority of time working in a completely different genre. No longer. As better training and specialization has become available, people with curls are realizing finding a hairdresser who loves curly hair — and who is trained to style it — makes all the difference in the world. The prominent DevaCurl certification even requires training for the types of products that work best with different styles of curly hair. People are figuring it out: Your hairdresser should specialize in your hair type for both styling and product.

Wow factor
Kayley Irmen and Patrick Williams are the main stylists at Plush’s Hair & Curl Clinic. Irmen is a level 3 certified DevaCurl professional, the highest certification in the program. She has been doing hair for more than a decade and specializes in embracing those curls. Williams, who also has more than 10 years of experience, specializes in relaxing multi-textured hair to make it more manageable, as well as extensions.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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