Refinished floors given new life


Time and again, Wendy Van Orman of Quality Hardwood Floors sees customers debate whether to try to resurrect an old hardwood floor or pull it out and start over. Time and again, she sees them thrilled with the decision to refinish.

“Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished up to 7-11 times, depending upon the thickness of the wood,” Van Orman said. “What looks old and unrepairable can be given life once again. Typically, hardwood flooring can last many generations, we have refinished turn of the century homes, making them look new again!”

When Dan and Barb Trochta debated replacing their 25-year-old oak floors with a different material, one of the factors weighing heavily on their mind were their dogs (pictured on next page).

“Our floors now look like new, and we were informed that the floors can be refinished a few more times,” they said. “We have big dogs that are tough on the floor finish; therefore, the (craftsman) recommended a fourth coat for additional protection.”

Tyler and Alyssa Bowman considered a similar dilemma when moving into their first home after getting engaged.

“We love our hardwood floors, but they were in need of some major TLC,” they said. “Thank goodness we called Quality Hardwood Floors to help us. They look brand new, and now we are excited to decorate and make the space our own.”

Darby Van Gordon faced an even trickier challenge on the main floor of her home, where she hoped to refinish existing hardwood floors as well as adding new hardwood. Would the old and new be able to coexist without their difference in age looking obvious?

“The quality of the job is five stars,” Van Gordon said. “The transitions between the old and new floors are seamless.”

Quality Hardwood Floors is a family business operated in the Inland Northwest for more than 65 years. The company has received the Best of Spokane Award every year since 2013. From installing and maintaining gymnasium floors through the state, to restoring a century-old floor to its former glory, to new installations with fancy inlaid borders — Quality Hardwood Floors does it all.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2020 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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