Try in 2020: Cougar Gold Grilled Cheese


Cougar Gold Grilled Cheese

Trailbreaker Cider
2204 N. Madson Road, Liberty Lake

Starring its namesake — WSU Creamery’s Cougar Gold Cheese — this sandwich is toasted to melty perfection. Additional ingredients include bacon, heirloom tomato and thinly sliced Walla Walla sweet onions — as well as a couple other cheeses (you know, just to be melt-iculous about it).

Why you’ll love it

First things first, when talking about Trailbreaker Cider, you can’t overlook that this sandwich can be enjoyed with an incredible cider. Made on-site. In a first-class venue.

“Our facility is quite unique in that we are one of the few cideries in the United States that produces cider from apples year-round in one facility,” Owner Trent Maier said. “We do not generally import any apple juice and typically produce as many of our products on-site as possible.”

Those products include a selection of 16-20 hard ciders at any given time (and a couple-three of the non-alcoholic variety), along with a variety of food options, from pretzels to hummus to wraps. Among many popular items, the Cougar Gold Grilled Cheese has become a standout.

“I think it appeals to many people with the Cougar name, and it’s very delicious so that doesn’t hurt either,” Maier said.

Everything on the food menu comes with a gluten-free option, and the ciders are gluten free as well. There are also vegan menu items, and the Trailbreaker team runs an allergy-conscious kitchen to cater to all patrons. The menu also features kid-friendly fare, echoing the family-friendly vibe of the establishment. Even when it’s not happy hour (half-price appetizers 3 to 6 p.m. daily), ownership keeps affordability a primary consideration.

“We opened to the public last July and have steadily increased our kitchen capacity and food production since that time,” Maier said. “Our goal is to always develop new and creative food choices that are made with the best ingredients we can find while still being affordable for anyone.”

The open design of the facility allows for fun and unique seating for diners and makes it an ideal venue for events.

“Our facility is quickly becoming the premier event center within Liberty Lake,” Maier said. “The fact that we offer food, beverages and plenty of room for groups of all sizes without charging for use of the space is proving to be a nice addition to the community, and we couldn’t be happier about finding our niche within this awesome Liberty Lake area.”

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2020 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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