3 considerations for protecting your RV


If you own an RV, you can relate: How can something that causes so much joy and freedom while it’s in use demand such attention and stress when it’s at rest? An RV that isn’t being used takes up a ton of space and is a common target for vandalism. Depending on where you park it, it may also fall victim to everything from the weather to restrictive HOA covenants.

How can something that brings so much joy in use cause so much stress at rest?

If you don’t have a lot of property and a specially built RV garage, the team at Affordable Self Storage recommends considering the following factors to make sure you are protecting your investment.

• Security: RVs are a frequent target for vandalism and break-ins when kept out in the open. Consider using a storage company. Affordable Self Storage utilizes high fences, gated access and video surveillance to protect your investment, and even has large, locked indoor storage units customized for RVs.

• Freeing up space: Even if there are not HOA restrictions on RVs at your home, the large size of RVs easily cuts into home storage, curb appeal and often limits parking and maneuverability for other vehicles. Specially designed storage solves all of these problems, and it is more affordable than you might think — particularly if you are only looking for outdoor parking options similar to what would be provided by your driveway.

• Weather: Exposure to the elements is a threat to anything left outdoors in the Inland Northwest. If you are serious about maximizing the protection of your investment, consider a super-sized unit. Affordable Self Storage leases 45 to 60-foot indoor units with access to power and lighting.

Unlike many solutions offered for RVs, Affordable Self Storage was actually designed with RV owners in mind — all the way down to having an RV dump available for customers. The nearby locations in Otis Orchards and on Sullivan offer a wide range of options for RVs, from indoor units boasting 14-foot high doors to closely monitored outside parking.

NOTE: A version of this article first appeared in the 2019 Liberty Lake Yearbook.

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