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<Coffee for the Average Josh, Part 9 of 10>

This week, my longtime friend Josh Jensen surprised me with a bag of the new Stokey Dark Blend he just launched with Shane Thompson, owner of Swell Coffee.

Talk about filling the appreciation mug for Thanksgiving week. Kim and I have loved every sip. Great friend. Great coffee. Grateful.

As we teeter between Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Christmas shopping and local businesses are both on the mind. If there ever was a year to support your neighborhood coffee shop, this is the one. Gift cards to a favorite shop are a great way to go. But in honor of the Stokey Dark Blend — and in honor of finishing our “Coffee for the Average Josh” series next week with an article on brewing at home — here are links to eight local coffees on my list that were roasted in the greater Spokane area:

  1. Stokey Dark Blend: From Swell Coffee/Bumper Crop Coffee, this is the one I’ve been enjoying all week. “100% Stoke.”
  2. Uganda-Manafwa: From my friend Andy LaBolle at West Plains Roasters, I’m already partial to anything Uganda. “Roasted with purpose.”
  3. Arctos Blend: From one of my very favorites, Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co., “this blend keeps the Logan Neighborhood and Gonzaga students running strong.”
  4. Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee: The one that may finally get my Maker’s Mark-refined brother to fall in love with coffee, this zero-alcohol brew from DOMA Coffee Roasting Company is flavored by used barrels from Dry Fly Distilling.
  5. Mariola: With this medium roast from local barista and entrepreneur Rosa Kane of Bee Kind Coffee Co., even its name spreads goodwill. (The mariola species of bee is also called the “stingless bee” and is known for its gentle disposition.)
  6. Herbie’s Roast: There are few better coffee stories in the area than Ladder Coffee Roasters, and this favorite is named after the owner’s grandfather, who invested in the company to help it get started before he passed away.
  7. Epic Blend: My friend Hannah keeps telling me I need to try her local fave from Roast House Coffee. Tis’ the season.
  8. Christmas Wish Ethiopia: From Indaba Coffee, this supports the campaign of the same name from 92.9 ZZU. Plus: “As always, every bag sold also provides a meal to someone in need through Second Harvest.”

Next week: “Brewing coffee at home”

This is the ninth in a 10-part series, “Coffee for the Average Josh,” releasing Fridays this fall. Get your fix of Coffee 101 by signing up to receive an email when the next post drops.


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